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WMIWR-50PF 2" Leveling Caster, Nylon Wheel, Square Top Plate

WMIWR-50PF 2" Leveling Caster, Nylon Wheel, Square Top Plate

Rotation Handle, Nylon Wheel, 370 lb Capacity
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Product Description

Leveling Casters

If you need caster wheels for test, medical, optical, or clean room equipment, as well as mobility for  control panels, light weight computer frames, switchboards, furniture and more, you want leveling casters. A two inch leveling caster has a max height of 3-11/16 inches with a wheel diameter of 2 inches x 1 inch. Overall plate size is 2.87" x 2.87". Leveling casters are made of nylon wheels with plain bearings.

Level casters help make uneven floors less noticeable by making things the same height.  No more slants or curved surfaces. Everything can be level and easily moveable. Instead of buying new equipment such as computers, medical and lab equipment, expensive machines, and much more, you place caster wheels on the bottom of the surface and have the flexibility and mobility you need to get the job done.

Caster Wheels

You can find caster wheels of all sizes for any use here at Access Caster. All you have to do is add however many caster wheels you need to your cart and check out. You’ll find that prices decrease as your quantity increases. Shop now!

2" Leveling Caster
Complete with ratchet wrench
Nylon wheel with plain bearing
2.87" x 2.87" overall top plate size
2.28" x 2.28" bolt hole spacing
2" x 1" wheel diameter
Max Height 3-11/16"
Min. Height 3-5/16"
Load capacity 370 lbs

Applications used for test, medical, optical, clean room equipment, frame of light weight computers, control panels, switch boards, furniture, etc.


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