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Albion Casters

Catalog by Series

Light Duty Casters Heavy Duty Kingpin Dual Wheel Casters Hard Tread Wheels
02 Series Casters
P2 Series Casters

Medium Duty Casters
16 Series Casters
62 Series Casters
63 Series Casters
71 Series Casters
72 Series Casters

Maintenance Free Casters
18 Series Casters
68 Series Casters

Kingpin Casters

110 Series Casters
170 Series Casters
310 Series Casters
410 Series Casters
610 Series Casters
600 Series Casters
700 Series Casters

81 Series Casters
90 Series Casters
92 Series Casters
93 Series Casters
94BBL Series Casters
94TRL Series Casters
95BBL Series Casters
95TRL Series Casters

Stainless Steel Casters
04 Series Casters
05 Series Casters
120 Series Casters
330 Series Casters
E5 Series Casters

Spring Loaded Casters
40 Series Casters
41 Series Casters
42 Series Casters
44 Series Casters
141 Series Casters
S310 Series Casters
S410 Series Casters
S610 Series Casters
216 Series Casters
263 Series Casters
281 Series Casters
290 295 Series Casters
115 Series Casters
315 Series Casters
415 615 Series Casters
850 Series Casters
272 281 Series Casters
290 292 293 Series Casters
295 Series Casters
298 Series Casters

Pneumatic Casters
16 72 90 Pneumatic
94 95 Pneumatic
272 295 Pneumatic

Cargo Conveyor/Aviation
03 Conveyor Casters
Faultless Conveyor Casters
Jarvis Conveyor Casters

Specialty Casters
20 21 Business Machine
Dolly Casters
AS Bassick Honcho
E-Line Casters
Gate Casters

CA CW CH Cast Iron
FL FD Flanged Cast Iron
VG FL VM V-Groove
FM FR Ductile Iron
FS FH Forged Steel
VF VH Forged Steel
RT HT DT Glass Filled
Polypropylene and Nylon
NG NW Maxim and White Nylon
NX NV Trionix
PB PW RW Polypropylene

Polyurethane Tread Wheels
PY PH Poly on Iron
PX Thick Tread Poly on Iron
PF PI Poly on Iron
PR PA PD Poly Reactive
and Poly on Aluminum
PM AX Round Tread
UA Magnum
EY EZ Swivel Ease
X-Treme Solid Poly
SE XA Solid and Poly on Polypropylene
EG Eagle
OG XV Press on & Poly V-groove

Rubber Tread Wheels
SF SG Pneumatic
SO SN Pneumatic
SZ SV Semi Pneumatic
NF Never Flat
XS X-tra Soft Flat
XR X-tra Soft Round
MH MR Rubber on Iron
MD RR Rubber on Aluminum & Solid Rubber
MG NP Neoprene
OA Wheels Press on

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Catalog by Series

00 Series Genesis TW Twin Wheel      Optimus Wheels Pneumatic
Ball Metal Tread Glass Filled Nylon Pacer Hooded Wheels Polyolefin
Ball Soft Tread GRX High Performance Pemco E-Line Wheels Rubber
Baron Institutional Pemco Shopping Cart     Wheels Solid Urethane
BDS BDR Speciality Regent Wheels TPR
BLS BMS Mighty Mite RS-RT Wheels TPU
Chair Monarch Sockets Wheels Vipor
Eclipse Monotech Softech Twin Med
General Duty NG (Next Generation) Nylon   Souce ll Hooded Ultima Nylon
Genesis Single Wheel     Omega Ultima Urethane

Catalog by Series

L2-L9 Light Duty Casters 30 Top Plate Casters 81 Heavy Duty Casters
291 General Duty Casters 34 Spring Ring Stem Casters B13 Kingpinless Casters
Business Machine Dual Wheel Casters  36 Threaded Stem Casters BH Kingpinless Casters
Business Machine Single Wheel Casters 3S Hollow Kingpin Casters B27 Kingpinless Casters
Business Machine Single Wide Wheel 40 Expanding Adapter Stem Casters S30 Stainless Steel Casters
Business Machine Single Wide Heavy Duty  50 Total Lock Top Plate Casters S32 Stainless Steel Round Stem
13 Threaded Stem Casters 54 Total Lock Round Square Stem S34 Stainless Steel Spring Ring Stem
14 Spring Ring Stem Casters 56 Total Lock Threaded Stem S36 Stainless Steel Threaded Stems
25 Top Plate Casters 50N Top Plate Casters S40 Stainless Steel Expanding Adapter Stems
27 Expanding Adapter Stem Casters Miraro Series S81 Stainless Steel Top Plate
28 Hollow Kingpin Casters Duraro Series 50HN Series Infinity Casters
W13 Threaded Stem Casters 130 Top Plate Casters CL Central Locking Casters
W14 Spring Ring Stem Casters 134 Spring Ring Stem BB Tek Bi Brake Casters
W25 Top Plate Casters 136 Threaded Stem TT Twin Wheels
W27 Expanding Adapter Stem Casters Pneumatic Casters Replacement Wheels
W28 Hollow Kingpin Casters 61 Heavy Duty Casters

Catalog by Series

1-Series Expanding Stem Adapter  2-Series Expanding Adapter Stem      4-Series Enfourcer Kingpinless 
1-Series Grip Ring Stem 75lbs 2-Series Grip Ring Stem 4-Series Stainless Steel Top Plate
1-Series Grip Ring Stem 145lbs 2-Series Modular Stem 4-Series Top Plate 800lbs
1-Series Large Top Plate 2-Series Pipe Thread Stem 4-Series Top Plate 1250lbs
1-Series Small Top Plate 2-Series Stainless Steel 6-Series Enforcer Kingpinless
1-Series Square Stem 2-Series Threaded Stem 6-Series Top Plate 1500lbs
1-Series Threaded Stem 75lbs 2-Series Top Plate 7-Series Enforcer
1-Series Threaded Stem 145lbs 3-Series Square Round Stems 8-Series Enforcer
1-Series Top Plate 75lbs 3-Series Top Plate Encore-Series Casters
1-Series Wood Furniture Stems 4-Series Buissness Machine Replacement Wheels

Catalog by Series

MD Precision Maxi-Duty Casters WHS Stainless Steel Workhorse 7000 Cush-N-Aire Casters
MDD Maxi-Duty Dual Wheel  Casters 62 Vanguard Casters 7100 Cush-N-Aire Casters
EPSD Enhanced Precision Super Duty Casters   MS Medium Service Casters 7200 Dual Pneumatic Casters
SEC Super Endurance Kingpinless GS General Service Casters 7500 Heavy Duty Ground Support Casters
EHD Precision Extra Heavy Duty 52 Standard Duty Casters 5000 Cold Forged Pneumatic Casters
CH Champion Casters STA Stainless Steel Casters 8000 Cush-N-Flex Casters
HS2 & EHD2 Forged Steel Dual Wheel STL Stainless Steel Casters 4000 Cush-N-Tuf Casters
ES & EHS Precision Extended Service Casters BC/PF Combination Brake Casters   V-Grooved Wheel Casters
FM ForgeMaster™ Casters TG & TX Thread Guard Casters R-FT Flanged Wheel Casters
SP Spring Loaded Casters WV Whirlaway Casters Replacement Wheels
EC Endurance Kingpinless Casters HL Hi-Lo Casters Trailers Platform Trucks Hand Trucks Dollies
HS Heavy Service Casters 200 Leader Casters
WH Workhorse Casters 300 General Utility Casters

Light Duty Wheels and Castors Casters with Injection-Moulded Poly Thread Flanged Wheels and Castors
Synthetic and Deisgner Castors Heavy Duty Casters Poly Tread Blickle Softhane® Stainless-Steel Castors
Wheels and Castors Solid Rubber Tyres
Heavy Duty Casters Cast Poly Tread Blickle Extrathane®  
Heat-Restistant Wheels and Castors
Wheels and Castors with Soft Rubber Tyres   Nylon Casters Polypropylene Wheels and Castors Spring-Loaded Heavy Duty Castors
Heavy-Duty casters Elastic Solid Rubber Tyres 
Heavy Duty Nylon Castors Rollers and Wheels for Pallet Trucks
Wheels and Castors with Pneumatic Tyres
Cast Iron Wheels and Castors Wheels and Tyres for Forklift Trucks
Heavy Duty Wheels and Castors with
super-elastic Solid Rubber Tyres
Extra Heavy Duty Solid Steel Castors Guide Rollers

Catalog by Series

Zinc Plated Dual Wheel (DW) NeoTeq (CN) Next Generation Nylon (NG) Bed Casters
Nylon Twin Wheel (TW) Razer (RZ) Next Generation Nylon Plus (NS)    Primary Twin (PT)
Grey Tech Dual Wheel (GT) Chrome Hospital (CH) Non-Magnetic (NM)    Med-Ultra (MU)
NeoTeq Dual Comfort Roll (DN) Chrome Hospital (CX) Marquee Nylon (MP)    Twin Tech Ultra (TU)
LevelTeq Dual Comfort Roll (DL) Covered Hospital (CP) Plastic (PG)    Primacy Single (PS)
Twin-Med (TM) Stainless Steel 1 1/4" tread width (SS) Chrome & Stainless Steel Antistatic (CH,SS)    Primacy Cover (PC)
Twin-Med Grey (TG) Stainless Steel 2" tread width (SS) Next Generation Nylon Antistatic (NA)    Primacy Cover Precision (PP)
Streamline (SL) Stainless Steel Hospital (SX) Rhombus Antistatic (367,364)    Med-Bed (MB)
Optimus (OP) Autoclave (AC) Twin-Med Antistatic (TA) Hospital Bed Wheel Replacement
Bed Accessories Replacement Wheel
Rhombus (367,364)
Rhombus Bariatric (389)
Rhombus (390)
Rhombus (391)
Rhombus Numbus (399)
Prevail Low Profile Twin (PL)
Sockets and Hardware

Catalog by Series

GSL525 2003 E6500 Gate Casters   5000 Series 7009 Series Cyclone Series
0100/0200 Series 5200 Series SL7003 Series 9100 Series
0300 Series 5300 Series Ilock Series 9200 Series
0600 Series 5400 Series Hog Series 9600 Series
0700 Series 6400 Series SLhog Series 9800 Series
0800 Series 6403 Series 7100 Series BMF Series
0900 Series Emaxx Series 7200 Series SLBMF Series
1000 Series 6800 Series 7500 Series Zero Gravity Series
1900 Series 6803 Series 7900 Series Replacement Wheels
1900C Shopping Cart Casters 6809 Stainless Steel Series   8000 Series Leveling Casters
Wizard Series SL6803 Spring Loaded Series   8300 Series Ball Transfers
Medical Series eHabs Series 8900 Series
2003 Series 6900 Series Tornado Series
2009 Stainelss Steel Series Textile Series Twister Series
2100 Series 7000 Series Typhoon Series
4000 Series 7003 Series Monsoon Series

                RWM Catalog      
Catalog by Series

VersaTrac 27 Light Duty Casters 47 Medium Duty Kinpinless Casters 2-95 Kingpinless Dual Wheel Casters
RK ROL Keen Textile Industry Casters 65 Heavy Duty Kinpinless Casters 2-125 Kingpinless Dual Wheel Casters
WT Textile Industry Casters 75 Heavy Duty Kingpinless Casters SA Shock Absorbing Casters
40 Medium Duty Casters 76 Heavy Duty Kingpinless Casters Pneumatic Casters
45 Medium Duty Casters 85 Heavy Duty Kingpinless Casters S45 Medium Duty Stainless Steel Casters
46 Medium Duty Casters 95 Heavy Duty Kingpinless Casters S65 Medium Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Casters
52 Medium Duty Casters 125 Ultra Heavy Duty Kingpinless Casters   S75 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Casters
53 Heavy Duty Casters 2-65 Kingpinless Dual Wheel Casters RWM Replacement Wheels
Freedom® 48 Medium Duty Maintenance Free Casters   2-75 Kingpinless Dual Wheel Casters
Freedom® 58 Medium Duty Maintenance Free Casters 2-76 Kingpinless Dual Wheel Casters
Freedom® 68 Heavy Duty Maintenance Free Casters 2-85 Kingpinless Dual Wheel Casters

Catalog by Series

Carpetmaster Series 80 Series Medium Heavy Duty R110 Series Heavy Duty Forged Steel
50 Series Light Duty Industrial A100 Series Medium Heavy Duty R120 Series Extra Heavy Duty Forged Steel
40 Series Dual Wheel Piano Casters   20 Series Heavy Duty Industrial 4500 Workstand Extra Heavy Duty
90 Series Twin Lock Casters R400 Series Forged Steel Casters 5200 Workstand Super Heavy Duty
30 Series Dual Wheel Industrial R695 Series Forged Steel Casters R100,R110,R120 Dual Wheel Casters
60 Series Medium Duty Casters R650 Series Heavy Duty Forged Steel   5100 Shock Absorbing Casters
70 Series Medium Duty Industrial R100 Series Heavy Duty Replacement Wheels

Caster Concepts

Catalog by Series

                                                                           Hudson Hauler Super Mover
                                                                           Hudson Ball Casters