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Hamilton SEC Super Endurance Kingpinless

Capacity range 680 to 6,000 pounds

The SEC Super Endurance Series casters represent the "best of breed" in kingpinless style design for extra heavy-duty applications. These heavy-duty casters have a top plate, and the inner raceways are designed as one piece, which provides a superior raceway for shock conditions. We use CNC machining to harden to ensure the raceways are uniform with the same depth. This process produces a highly reliable and convenient swiveling caster for extreme loads.  All Hamilton Casters under the Super Endurance Series are finished in gray enamel and come standard with 12 different wheel types.

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Details & Features


  • Swivel Construction: Forged steel top plate and fork base; 3/8" x 3" plate steel legs welded inside and out to forged steel horn base.
  • Load Bearing: 3-5/8" diameter hardened and CNC-machined raceway with 5/8" balls.
  • Axle: 3/4" diameter hex head with lock nut.
  • Lubrication Fittings: Ball-check type in swivel assembly and in wheel hubs with tapered or straight roller bearings.