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Hamilton AEZFHS Aerospace Shock Absorbing Casters

Aerospace Shock Absorbing Heavy Service Casters

Capacity Range: 100 – 1,225 lbs.

Hamilton’s new aerospace (AE) Heavy Service Series are spring loaded casters that reduce noise, protect cargo and extend caster, wheel and bearing life. This AEZFHS series features the 4-1/2” x 6-1/4” mounting plate and 2” wide wheels. These casters are designed to operate effectively in aerospace applications but are also well-suited for other heavy duty material handling challenges that call for extra care during transport.

Similar to the AEZFWH & AEZFFM Series, these shock absorbing casters feature Hamilton’s newest Spinfinity® maintenance-free swivel construction. The unibody spring housing design provides up to 66% greater spring travel and a much wider operating capacity range compared to our standard line. Keep in mind, since the spring is pre-loaded, the minimum capacity is required to cause the spring to yield. (A load under the minimum capacity may not result in any absorption of shock.)

Like all Hamilton forged steel casters, the AE Heavy Service Casters are manufactured in Hamilton, Ohio USA. Select from twelve different wheel types. Optional accessories such as swivel locks and wheel brakes are also available. The AE Heavy Service Series caster can be easily modified to accommodate many custom specification requirements.

Quality Features & Specs

Swivel Construction
Forged steel top plate and fork base; 1/4" x 2" plate steel legs welded inside and outside to forged steel horn base.

Main Load Bearing
3 5/16" diameter hardened and CNC-machined raceway with 3/8" balls.

Product Finish
Powder Coated - Caster rigs are powder coated with Hamilton’s new Platinum Powder, a metallic HAA Polyester providing a premium look and excellent durability for both interior and exterior environments.

Sealed Swivel Construction
The forged ring is cnc-machined with a precision groove to accept a large seal made from Nitrile butadiene rubber(NBR) designed to keep grease in and contaminants out.

Spring Housing
Unibody spring housing provides up to 66% greater spring travel (5/8”) and a wider operating capacity range compared to our standard line.

Spring 1 Specs: Spring Travel 5/8” and a minimum load of 100 lbs.

Spring 2 Specs: Spring Travel of ½” and a minimum load of 130 lbs.

1/2" diameter hex head with lock nut.