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B&P Hand Truck Components and Parts

B & P Hand Truck components

Handtruck wheel options
B&P handtruck wheel options
Hand Truck frames
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Handle options for B&P Hand Trucks
Noseplate options
B&P Noseplate options
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A31S hand truck handle from B&P
A31S 55" High Straight Loop
Your Price: $48.48
A31S 55" High Straight Loop

55" High straight loop with straight back double vertical loops, Grip height 43-5/8"

A31S hand truck handle
A37 Handle from B&P
Your Price: $19.85
A37 Handle from B&P

Squared off loop with comfort sleeve, 50" height

A56S double vertical grip handle
A56S Handle from B&P Manufacturing
Your Price: $51.27
A56S Handle from B&P Manufacturing

62" high Straight Loop with Straight Back Double Vertical Grips, Grip Height 43-5/8""

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