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Caster Rigs & Brakes

When you need caster brakes and rigs, you can count on Access Casters to have the wide and versatile range of products. In this category of caster parts, you can find the ideal swivel rig for light duty or options if you need a heavy duty swivel rig.

In order to best determine which caster brakes and rigs you need, please check out our detailed product descriptions. You can get all the pertinent information, such as plate size, swiveling capabilities, material construction and load capacity. Mounting information is also available.

Access Casters is dedicated to offering all the caster parts you need, no matter how you use these small but useful components. Whether you operate a manufacturing plant and need to move part or you have a food services operation and need casters and caster brakes for your carts, we’re here to help you get it done. Own a retail location? You’ll love the functionality these caster parts will give you!