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Drywall Cart Casters

8 inch casters for use on drywall carts.  Casters used on drywall carts face many challenges.  The loads can be very heavy and the surfaces they roll on vary greatly from smooth concrete to loose gravel and grass.  Choosing the right caster for your cart when your casters need replacement can go a log way to making your life easier. Round tread TPR wheeled casters offer excellent maneuverability.  Polyurethane on cast iron Kingpinless casters offer a higher capacity and durability.  Choose the caster that best suits your needs.  These casters can be used on most drywall carts including those made by Apapa and Jescraft.  Purchase your drywall cart casters from Access Casters and save money.


  • Kingpinless swivel sections will last longer and carry heavier loads than a standard swivel section.  They also stand up better to shock loads
  • TPR wheels are non-marking and offer some shock absorption
  • Phenolic wheels are economical and easy to move on smooth surfaces
  • Polyurethane tread wheels carry high loads and offer floor protection