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Hamilton Ergo-X2 Swivel Casters

Ergonomics are an essential consideration for any workplace but especially industrial environments that involve a lot of movement and repetitive actions. Let Access Casters Inc. help you ensure your operations are as safe as possible with the new Ergo-X2 Caster Series.

These premium specially engineered swivel casters reduce the force needed to push or pull carts, making work go smoother and reduce the strain on your staff's bodies. The Ergo-X2 Caster Series features a patented design with two precision-machined offsetting ball races in a compact assembly. This unique design minimizes one of the final unresolved issues with swivel casters: lock up.

All too often, swivel-style casters "lock up" when carrying heavy loads and sitting at a stop, making it difficult to get things moving again. By creating a second pivot point with two offsetting ball races, Ergo-X2 caster wheels reduce the startup force needed. That means less straining while pushing and pulling, better productivity, and fewer injuries.

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Talk to the team at Access Caster Inc. to learn more about this ergonomic option and the many other solutions we offer. We specialize in the caster wheel industry and have extensive experience serving clients from a variety of fields. No matter what questions or concerns you may have, our experts can resolve them.