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Hamilton WH Workhorse Casters

Capacity Range: 300 - 2000 lbs.

Hamilton WH Workhorse Caster Series couples the forged-steel strength of Hamilton's HS Caster Series with the bolt-hole pattern of the Standard Duty 52 Series. This drop-forged steel swivel construction includes a ¾” diameter integrally forged steel kingpin guaranteed for life. It also boasts a secondary load bearing for precision and performance excellence.

While the Standard Duty 52 Series works hard for its class, when you need something a little more robust but with the same specifications, the Workhorse series is the way to go.

Quality, Features, & Specifications


  • The integrally forged kingpin comes in a ¾" diameter. The mounting plate is guaranteed for life and threaded for a ¾” locknut.
  • The main load bearing has a CNC-machined 2 9/16" diameter raceway, with 3/8” diameter hardened and polished steel balls.
  • The secondary load bearing is a ¾" precision tapered thrust bearing, which counteracts radial thrust.
  • The lubrication fittings are a ball-check type with a swivel assembly and in-wheel hub with tapered or straight roller bearings.
  • Optional accessories for the Workhorse Series include a side-foot brake and a 4-position swivel lock.


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