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Hamilton Stainless Steel Casters

Make your operations smoother with industrial casters that can handle anything. Access Casters Inc. is proud to offer some of Hamilton's best products for tough applications, including the series listed here.


Capacity Range: 350 – 800 lbs.

When you have an environment that is corrosive or must remain sanitary, these stainless steel medium-duty casters are the perfect choice. Series STA comes in seven wheel choices, including the Type 303 stainless steel round-out. Their special high-luster finish provides a smoother, less porous surface that's easier to clean. Plus, all models are stocked for shipment within two days.


Capacity Range: 550 – 1,600 lbs.

The Hamilton engineers designed these unique industrial casters for extra-heavy loads in corrosive or sanitary environments that demand stainless steel hardware. The forged stainless steel swivel caster construction includes a 3/4" diameter integrally forged kingpin that is guaranteed for life. Plus, the WHS Workhorse Series undergoes a special post-fabrication process to remove embedded contaminants, edge burrs, and surface stresses. The resulting high-luster finish creates a less porous surface that's impervious to dirt and easier to clean. We especially recommend these casters for chemical factories, food production facilities, pharmaceutical houses, and other wash-down environments.


When you need stainless steel but have a high heat environment, Hamilton's Inferno Stainless Steel casters are the solution. They're designed specifically for corrosive and high heat environments, featuring all stainless steel components combined with special high-heat bearings and grease, rated up to 750°F. These products also feature a high-luster finish that creates a smooth, less porous surface that's ideal for food production facilities, chemical and pharmaceutical factories, and other high heat or wash-down applications.