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Hamilton Track Wheel Casters

Smooth your processes with track wheel casters that deliver incredible strength and precise control. These Hamilton caster wheels fit into compatible tracks or rails to move loads between locations, such as from different points on an assembly line. With capacities ranging from 500 to 18,000 lbs, they're ideal for any industries that require tightly controlled movement of heavy equipment, such as mines, foundries, and manufacturing plates.

In particular, Hamilton's Flanged Wheel Casters are finding increasing industrial applications where floor protection, production-line flow, and ease of movement are desired. Since it is often more convenient to purchase flanged wheels in a plate-type rigid caster ready for mounting, we offer a wide selection of top plates, overall heights, and caster series to suit diverse applications.  You also have your choice of straight or precision tapered roller bearings. When needed, Hamilton can even create custom products for your specifications, including higher capacities.

The Experts You Can Trust

For complete wheel specifications, contact Access Casters Inc. We're the regional expert on caster wheels and related products, and we're fully committed to helping you find the ideal solution to your challenges. As a trusted Hamilton distributor, we know their products inside and out and will make the ordering process simple for you.