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Hamilton Track Wheel Casters

Flanged Iron Wheel Casters

Capacity Range: 500 – 18,000 lbs.

Hamilton Flanged Wheel Casters, like their V-Grooved counterparts, are also finding increasing industrial applications where floor protection, production-line flow and ease of movement are desired.

Since it is often more convenient to purchase flanged wheels in a plate-type rigid caster ready for mounting, you may choose from the wide selection of popular top plates, overall heights and caster series shown in the chart below.

Note the choice of straight or precision tapered roller bearings in the wheels, all having pressure lubrication fittings in the hubs (except 3 1/2" model). For complete wheel specifications, see flanged track wheel page.

Hamilton can design and manufacture flanged wheel casters requiring custom specifications, including higher capacities.


Hamilton Pronto Shipping


At Hamilton we understand that fast delivery is critical. That's why as you browse our website, you'll notice the proliferation of a red star (★). This PRONTO® Symbol identifies one of thousands of PRONTO® models we stock for you in our warehouse (so you don't have to) and pledge to ship either SAME-DAY, if arrived before noon EST, or otherwise next day service - all for no extra charge.


Hamilton Double flanged rigid caster
Single and Double Flanged caster wheels with capacities up to 7,500 lbs.
Hamilton V-groove swivel caster
Hamilton V-Grooved caster wheels with capacities up to 16,000 lbs.