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Hamilton ZFFM Spinfinity Maintenance-Free Casters

When you are looking for high-quality Hamilton casters, Access Casters has what you need including their ZFFM Spinfinity Maintenance-Free Casters. These all-new casters feature a tough kingpinless design and are made for 3" wide wheels. The ZFFM Series is a beefed-up version of the ZFHS series.

The top plate and inner raceway of these casters are forged steel formed from a single piece of stock. This helps to provide a superior raceway for shock conditions. Once formed, the raceway is CNC machined and then hardened to ensure a uniform depth in hardness for the swivel raceway. The hardening and CNC machining combine to create an excellent swiveling caster that is usable under extra heavy loads.

Additionally, all ZFFM casters are finished in red crimson and come standard with a choice of ten wheel types. Bearing selections are exclusive to double sealed precision ball bearings which, like the raceway, are maintenance-free. Contact us to learn more about these casters and wheels or to discuss the many other styles of casters we offer.

ZFFM Features:


  • Swivel Construction - A forged steel top plate and fork base; 3/8" X 2-1/2" plate steel legs are welded inside and outside to the forged steel horn base.
  • Main Load Bearing - 3-5/16" diameter hardened and CNC machined raceway with 3/8" balls.
  • Sealed Swivel Construction – The forged ring is CNC-machined with a precision groove to accept a large seal made from Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR). This helps keep grease in and contaminants out.