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Hamilton Inferno Light Duty Casters

Capacity Range: 260 – 320 lbs. Temperature Range: -22 – 550° F

High-temperature environments pose unique challenges for hardware. Hamilton rises to the challenge with their Inferno Series of high-temp casters, starting with their light-duty line. Their light duty casters feature 3", 4", and 5" diameter wheels with widths less than 2". Each rig features high-temperature grease, and the wheel materials and bearings are engineered to withstand oven-like environments.

For food processing, baking, and pharmaceutical setting or environments where floor protection is required, we recommend the Inferno Series light duty casters with the Scorcher or Noiseless Ultratherm wheel types. For more rugged applications that don't require floor protection, choose the Metal or Stainless options. Find out more about these exceptional products by contacting Access Casters Inc. today.

Quality Features & Specs

Explore the casters and wheels listed here for detailed information for each specific product. Generally speaking, this line has the following features and specs:


Swivel Construction: These products are made with heavy-gauge, cold-rolled steel engineered for strength and longevity. 


Swivel Technology: The light-duty line uses hardened and polished steel balls rotating in two coined and hardened raceways.


Kingpin: Two kingpin options are available. The 300 model uses a permanent rivet that is hydraulically upset. The HL model's kingpin is a 1/2" diameter permanent rivet.


Axle: These casters use a 3/8" diameter bolt with a lock nut. The spanner bushes over the axle except in the 3" model.


Lubrication: All ball bearings in the swivel hardware and wheels are pre-lubricated.