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Medical Casters

You need to be able to transport medical equipment from room to room so patients get what they need fast. How are you going to do that? A place to start is to shop for medical casters to add caster wheels to the bottom of whatever it is you need to make mobile.  Access Caster has many to choose from.

  • Autoclave Casters:Designed to withstand high temperatures, these casters can easily transport your autoclave machine where ever you need.  Features include dual ball swivel, plastic thread guards for extra protection, and 304 polished stainless steel casters
  • Chrome Casters:  Available with or without a brake, these casters come with a grip ring or threaded stem.
  • IV Cart Caster: IVs need to be mobile to move with your patient. These casters come in many sizes with or without brakes, per your specification.
  • Nylon Casters:  Made with Nylon instead of metal, these carts are affordable and won’t scratch up your floors.
  • Razor Casters: These won’t scuff up your floors either, but they do have a great swivel.
  • Wheel Chair Casters: Instead of buying a new wheel chair, replace the casters with one of these and save a lot money.

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If you don't see what you are looking for you can view our medical line catalog online. Please call us with special quotes at (877) 881-6814 or email us today.
Medcaster Antimicrobial swivel caster
Light Duty Antimicrobial (AMP) wheels with capacities up to 300 lbs.
Chrome swivel caster total lock brake
Antistatic caster wheels with diameters up to 6" and weight capacities up to 260 lbs.
Stainless Steel autoclave swivel caster
Stainless Steel Autoclave caster wheels with temperature ranges up to 250 degrees intermittingly
Grip ring stem swivel caster wheel
Chrome caster wheels for with .845 stem sizes available.
IV Cart Caster Wheels
Caster wheels ideal for IV carts with 2", 2 1/2", and 3" diameter non marking wheels.
MRI Conditional Casters
Rated MRI Conditional for use in MRI examination rooms.
Neoprene Rubber Swivel Caster Wheel with Total Lock Brake
Neoprene rubber wheels swivel casters with stem options, hollow kingpin, and plate sizes available.
Nylon swivel caster wheel total lock brake
Nylon caster wheels with wheel diameters up to 5".
Nylon Covered Hosptial Caster
Nylon Covered Hospital Casters with top plate or stem mount.
Razer swivel caster total lock brake
Razor caster wheels with diameters starting at 2", total lock brakes available.
Stainless steel swivel caster total lock
Stainless steel caster wheels with stem and plate mounts available.
Tente 2940 Series Bed Casters
Tente replacement casters for Hospital Beds and Stretchers
5 inch directional lock swivel caster
Total and direction lock casters with stem and plate mounts available.
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6 inch swivel threaded stem caster directional lock brake
6MCXTDLS02 6" Threaded Stem 1/2" Swivel Caster Directional Lock
List Price: $32.25
Your Price: $29.54
You Save: $2.71 (8 %)
6MCXTDLS02 6" Threaded Stem 1/2" Swivel Caster Directional Lock

6" Thermoplastic Rubber 1/2" Threaded Stem Swivel Caster with Directional Lock 300 lbs load capacity

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