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Superail Conveyor System

Superail patented roller rail technology offers high loading capacity at a low cost.  In the load-handling business adaptability and durablility are the names of the game.  Superail offers these desirable qualities at a low cost.  Custom engineered to be long lasting, Superail is easy to install and has a low profile that will fit right into your new or existing facility.  Its diverse capability can handle a variety of loads such as pallets, dies, bins, containers or whatever your load handling needs may be.  If a superior free flow roller-rail conveyance system is what you need, then the patented Superail system is right for you.


1,000 pound per inch loading for the Standard Superail.

500 pound per inch loading for the Mini Superail.

Superail can be ordered in 1 foot increments in lengths from 4 feet to 10 feet.

Self cleaning rollers.  Precision-crafted roller so dirt and debris cannot infiltrate the bearings causing premature failure.

No lubrication is required so you save on preventative maintenance costs.

Low Profile Design.  Because of the unique design (only 2 inches high), this system puts more rollers in a smaller space.

High Density spacing.  With the close-bearing points, maximum surface area is achieved.  This permits containers with irregular floor mounts to roll freely along the Superail's surface.