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Floor Locks

Check out our variety of floor locks to fit your specific application. Floor Locks are used to hold portable equipment in a desired location.
The light duty and heavy duty floor locks are intended to use on level surfaces. The floor lock is activated by toe pressure on the extension pedal or released by toe touching one of the dual retractable plates. These work best when used in pairs. The bottom of the floor lock has a large non-skid molded rubber for solid, no-slip contact.
Another option is our floor lock with a handle bar. This allows for easy accessibility. These also have the non-slip rubber foot at the bottom of the floor lock.
Our ERGOnomic floor lock has ergonomically designed extended pedals which makes this floor lock the best in the industry.
Easy to operate, even with steel toed boots. The brake shoe has a large, non-skid, molded rubber for solid, no-slip contract. The foot pedal can also be adjusted by slight foot pressure for simple instant locking. The finish is corrosion resistant zinc plate and powder coating for long- use. This works great in the automotive industry!
Our heavy duty floor lock is made of Cast Iron and comes in 4", 5", 6", 8", and 10". Please call if you need help finding the right floor lock for your application!