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Please inquire about our American made products. We have product lines that have all or most of their components manufactured in the USA!

Most of our products are RoHS Compliant please ask about the specific product you need.

Colson Casters


A brand of Colson Group USA

Colson utilizes the latest in available technologies, their global design and engineering teams ensure every detail in performance, materials, and aesthetics
are delivered to meet customer's expectations and safety standards.  Industry leading test labs and global quality systems confirm their casters meet stringent 
quality standards.  Their in-house capabilities ensure all designs meet or exceed industry standards to keep their products safe and mobile.  Colson featured
applications include Food Service, Impact Carts, Retail Fixtures, Tool Chests, Automotive Manufacturing, and Aerospace.

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Catalog by Series

1-Series Expanding Stem Adapter           
1-Series Grip Ring Stem 75lbs  
1-Series Grip Ring Stem 145lbs  
1-Series Large Top Plate  
1-Series Small Top Plate  
1-Series Square Stem  
1-Series Threaded Stem 75lbs  
1-Series Threaded Stem 145lbs  
1-Series Top Plate 75lbs  
1-Series Wood Furniture Stems  
2-Series Expanding Adapter Stem   
2-Series Grip Ring Stem  
2-Series Modular Stem  
2-Series Pipe Thread Stem  
2-Series Stainless Steel  
2-Series Threaded Stem  
2-Series Top Plate  
3-Series Square Round Stems  
3-Series Top Plate  
4-Series Business Machine  
4-Series Enforcer Kingpinless   
4-Series Stainless Steel Top Plate  
4-Series Top Plate 800lbs  
4-Series Top Plate 1250lbs  
6-Series Enforcer Kingpinless  
6-Series Top Plate 1500lbs  
7-Series Enforcer  
8-Series Enforcer  
Encore-Series Casters  
Replacement Wheels