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Automotive Casters

Maintenance Free Solutions
Features 18 series casters & 68 series casters. 
Casters include sealed precision ball bearing raceway and wheels for ultra quiet.
Ergonomically designed for ease of movement.
Significant reduction in push/pull vs. standard casters

Kingpinless Solutions
Features 110 series310 series410 series, an 610 series.
Eliminates kingpin failure and made to handle shock
Ideal for more ergonomic handpushed requirements
Precision-machined raceway enhances ergonomics and safety
Extended swivel leads available to improve ergonomics and reduce "chatter"

Spring-Loaded Solutions
Features 141 SeriesS310 SeriesS410 Series, and S610 Series.
Protects valuable equipment and flooring
Reduces unwanted vibration and noise
Increases equipment life

Dual Wheel Solutions
Features 115 Series315, Series415 Series, and 615 Series
Provides higher load ratings with lower overall heights
Increases product stability for a safer footprint
can utilize softer wheels while maintaining higher load ratings

Count on Access Casters to be your best source for all types of caster wheels, from plate casters to swivel casters in all varieties and sizes. Not only are we committed to having the best and most diverse selection, we also feature deeply discounted pricing so that you can get what you need and stay on budget.